Liam & Amanda Stockton's Experience

Why did you decide to sell?

For our biggest move, my husband got a great job in South Carolina and we were up for the adventure so we moved there from San Angelo. But we've actually bought 3 and sold 3 homes with Lafreta over the years. 



Why Lafreta?

Our #1 thing is communication. We want someone telling us whats going on and keeping us up to date via text and phone calls etc. That's why we went with her and that's also why we stayed with her through the multiple houses we’ve bought and sold with her. 

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How did Lafreta prepare your home to sell and how did you feel she marketed your home?

I'm super organized and clean already but we appreciated and took her suggestions for staging. She hosted 2 open houses and I thought it was a really nice touch that she baked cookies during the open houses. She put on nice music and turned all the lights on. She made it a really warm and welcoming environment. 

She advertised it on Facebook and she would highlight the shop and pool in the ads. She just highlighted very key things about the house and we took notice of that. It was on YouTube as well. She did a really good job and would constantly put something new and fresh up online. It wasn't the same ad every time which we thought was innovative. 

What was the best part of your selling experience?

The best part was the communication. She's right there to answer your questions and has open lines of communication with her clients, even on a Sunday evening. She would even stop by sometimes! She was also able to keep me calm and tell me everything was going to be okay when I needed it the most. We sold our first home in 3 weeks and then the second house in 3-4 days and the third house took 7 weeks since it was a higher price point large home. Overall, all of our sales happened quickly with Lafreta's help.


Were there stressful moments or things you were concerned about? 

One of the inspections had us nervous because it was an older home built in1975. They found dormant termites and she was very quick to get us a person to spray. She set up the appointment, she did it all. We didn't have to do a single thing. 

Liam & Amanda's advice for you:

Schedule a meet and greet to see if you have that good connection. We totally had that connection with Lafreta when we met her 13 years ago and it just works for us. We have used another realtor in another area in the past and we're not crazy about him. He doesn't keep in contact and we had to reach out to him if we needed something. Make sure it’s going to work out first before you commit and say "yes this is my realtor". 

"The best part was the communication. She's right there to answer your questions"


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